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Israel Shahak - Inhalt der Übersetzungen  

Übersetzungen Page 1 of 17 - 330 Seiten
How Israel projects to its own People the original Motivation of the Zionist Movement.
A Zionist View of Islam.
Flush of Victory - Zionist reactions to the June War
"A Miraculous Simplification of Israel's Tasks"
Extra cts from "On the Ways of our Policy" beingthe report of the Congress of the World Council of Po'ale Zion held in Zurich form 29 July to 7 August 1937
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From My Diary, and Letters to the Children by Joseph Weitz, 5 vols, Tel Aviv 1965 - 1940
Extracts from "My Diray and Letter to the Children", by Yossef Weitz, who was from 1932 Director ofthe Jewish National Fund Land and Afforestation Divisison.
From My Diary, and Letters to the Children by Joseph Weitz, 5 vols, Tel Aviv 1965 - 1965
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The Militarist Israel
Hubris in the Hebrew Tongue - Israeli reactions to the War of Attrition.
The Suez War - Through Israeli Exes.
Arab Villages destroyed in Israel - May 1975
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What are my Opinions - 1974
Israel - A Racist State - Foundet by a Racist Movement
Interview mit Aharon Davidi -hebräisch
The Non-Jew in the Jewish State - a collection of documents.
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Text in hebräisch
Text in hebräisch
Shahak Material - auszugsweise -1976
Count Bernadotte's Killers Revealed.
The Activities of the Israeli Intelligence Abroad - A Compliation of News Reports. 1977.
Little Stories from the Territories - by Boaz Evron
Process of Compromise in the P.L.O. - by Matitiahu Peled
Übersetzungen Page 6 of 17
An 18-Month sentemce for giving food. -  1977
Brief - (Walid Fahoum?)
Brief - Walid Fahoum - An die Liga für Menschenrechte
Unterschiedliche Texte verschiedener Autoren
Begin and Co. As They Really Are - An Anthology - Edited by Professor Israel Shahak
Übersetzungen Page 7 of 17
From: "Menachem Gegin: Frist Stops" (Tachanot Rishonot - by Haviv Canaan
Übersetzungen Page 8 of 17
Collection: Censorship and Self-Censorship in the Israeli-Hebrw Press - A New Trick for Political Censorship - by Zeev Shif
Collection: The special reations between Israel and Shah's regime. - The Israeli Iranian relations: The end. by Illan Kfir.
Dayan rejected an S.O.S. call from the Shah. - Uri Dan
Peace Now and the Zionist Left: The Legitimization of Racism - Israel Shahak
Part II. The Chequered History of the Zionist Left
Collection: A debate about Nuclear weapons in Israel.
The nuclear factor in the Middle East (1) - The bomb in the basement. - Shlomo Aharonson.
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The nuclear factor in the Middle East (3) - Only as far as the Green Line. Shlome Aharonson.
The nuclear factor in the Middle East (4). The affair of the atomic ship. - Shlome Aharonson.
The nuclear factor in the Middle East (5). - Gadafi here, Gadafi there. - Shlome Aharonson.
Nuclear Weapons: Reluctance and deterrence. Shlomo Aharonsen.
The nuclear challenge as a positive turning point. Avraham Gel.
Übersetzungen Page 10 of 17
Kafr Kasem: The black flag - Tom Segev
Collection No. 1: The Israeli opposition to the Infasion of Lebanon. - Information bulletin of the Solidarity Committe with Birzeit University. The top of the iceberg. - I Farajoun

2. Liberated Territory No. 20. - Not to the war

The Israeli opposition to the Invasion of Lebanon.

Collection No. 2: The ideology of the Israeli Right. - The portrait of the young Jewish Nazi. - Hanoch Marmari
Liberated Territory No 20. - No to the war.
Liberated Territory No 20. - The Horror Man
Collection: History is important - May 1984
Übersetzungen Page 11 of 17
The adress your guts and balls. - Yoseph Elgazi
The anti-war movement: the myth and the reality. - Israel Shahak
The Third Temple and a red heifer. - Israel Shahak.
The ultimate Israeli weapon, nuclear weapons or poison gas? - A Hoder.
Collection: The deeper aspects of Pollard affair.
"Legitimate double loyalty". - Mordechai Bar-On MK
The Pollardization. - Amir Oren
The Israeli Intelligence? Pure Bullshit. - Nili Shahak-Bufman.
Collection: The Israeli reaction to Elie Wiesel Nobel Peace - Price - The happy Nobel Prize winner - Topm Segev
Übersetzungen Page 12 of 17
Collection: The Iranian affaire. - The creature turns on its creator.
"I love my Master" - Boaz Evron
All for a friend in trouble. A satire - Amos Keinan
A reply to the condemnation. A satire - Ziva Yariv
With such friendes - A satire. - B. Michael
A Pious Neglect - Hana Kim
Collection: The opinions of Professor Yeshayahu Leibovitz. >>>
Übersetzungen Page 13 of 17
Massacres of Palestinians in 1947-49 - Guy Erlich
Text in hebräisch
Übersetzungen Page 14 of 17
Collection: Israeli Foreign Policies
Übersetzungen Page 15 of 17
The Bad News - There Were Always War Crimes in the Israeli Army - The Good News - There Will Be No More War Crimes - The Conspiracy of Silence is Broken - Nahum Barnea
The Portrait of an Israeli Soldier, Old Style - Sarit Fuks - I am Ariye Biro
Religious background to Rabin's assassination. - Israel Shahak
The German Colony in Dimona - Amir Oren
Wantet: Priestly kids for the red heifer - Nadav Shragai
Übersetzungen Page 16 of 17
How the cross hat to disappear - Gabby Bron
Christianity and the State of Israel
The forbidden Cross - Israel Shahak an Helmut Spehl, letter No. 188, 19.6.1999
Court OKs razing shrine to Goldstein - Amos harel
Deconstructing the walls of Jericho
Totally irrelevant. - Yitzhak Ben Aharon
Zur Karikatur von Shilo in Maariv - 1999 - Israel Shakak an helmut Spehl
A president's promise: Israel can keep its nukes - Aluf Benn
Nazi collaborator, or hero - Who was Jaac Van Harten? -  Ronen Bergman
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